North Port Residents Needing a new Garbage Disposal ….

When folks think of home improvements that can save money, adding a garbage disposal to your appliance lineup may be the one of the last things to cross their minds. While here in North Port this does not apply, but in various regions there are those who pay a fee for every bag taken to the curb, and for them it can be a great way to save money. Saving on the cost of trash bags and inside trash cans can also put a little extra money in your pocket. Garbage disposals also have a significant environmental benefit by reducing the amount of trash sent to landfills. Installing a garbage disposal is a great idea, and most homes have one these days.

Garbage disposals are able to handle meat or poultry bones, but stringy vegetables tend to pose problems for some systems. Stringy vegetables easily clog disposals, even after the appearance of food is gone. Disposals with larger motor power may be the solution, but you may have to sacrifice some power if you go with a compact unit. Disposals with stainless steel parts tend to be the most durable, and multi-stage systems usually perform better. Some great features to look for are garbage disposals with anti-jamming and noise reduction.

The new disposals are a breeze compared to the old style ones. The new ones qre so much easier to install than in past years. This brings the cost down of licensed and professional installation easily within reach.

There are only two basic plumbing configurations possible. Which configuration depends upon if you have a dual sink or just one single sink area. The only other factor that potentially affects installation is whether or not a dishwasher is attached to the system. In the dual sink environment, the disposal sits in the teed branched connection connecting both sink volumes and then that connection on the opposite sink volume from the disposal runs to the trap & the rest of the drain line or it just comes out of the disposal side and runs directly to the trap.