With the use of cameras, pipeline inspectors can now visually inspect the interiors of sewer lines and household connection pipes. This form of telepresence has been able to cut down on the cost of repairing sewer lines since the inspector can see exactly where the problem lies and best determine how to repair the pipe.

Using a sewer video inspection service, with modern video equipment, is a non-destructive form of testing and will not require the use of a manhole which would have to be drilled at the site.

Many times tree roots are the cause of pipe problems as tree roots can work into the joints between segments forcing the sewer pipe segments apart. This is where the need for a sewer video inspection becomes necessary. If the root ball becomes large enough it can break apart the pipe and or impede the flow in the pipe. Once a sewer video inspector has determined the problem, he can use a cutter tool to remove the root ball, and or use chemical foam called rooticide to kill the root.

What to expect for a Sewer Viewing or inspection

Simply call a plumbing company and ask if the contractor can use a camera to inspect the sewer, and most importantly, if they own their own inspection camers. Those that have not invested in their own equipment probably do not have sufficient experience to provide the service.

Once selected, when a sewer inspector comes to your home, the service truck will often contain a power supply like a small generator, and the related computer equipment to view the scope that is entered down the pipe. The process can usually be recorded. At the end of the truck is the powered reel and video cable on a steel wire braid. The truck also has equipment to carefully lower this cable and inspection equipment into the pipeline. Most cameras have a swiveling head with lights. The service truck is parked above the pipe entry.