North Port Resident needing toilet replacement or repair?

You may want to replace the toilet in your bathroom for a number of reasons. Perhaps you have a cracked toilet, an antiquated model or one that uses a significant amount of water. There are a number of new models which will match the décor of your home and reduce the amount of water required per flush. Also, these days new toilets come in a variety of shapes that most folks find to be more comfortable. If your toilet, or water closet, is old or in need of repair, you may find it’s cheaper to install a new one than to patch up the existing one. Most new toilets are much more energy efficient than older ones, so a new toilet can often quickly pay for itself. In addition, if the bathroom requiring the new toilet does not have a shutoff valve for the toilet that was installed, this is the perfect opportunity to get one before starting the toilet installation. Then, anytime in the future, if the toilet overflows, you want to be able to turn off the water quickly, without cutting the water supply to your entire home.

If your toilet has seen better days—or you simply want to update it with a model that’s more stylish and efficient—you’ll be glad to know that replacing a toilet is an afternoon project. However, if you plan to install a toilet in a new location, you will have to extend supply pipes and drainpipes to the desired spot, a job you may want to leave to a professional plumber.